Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Making of the Gingerbread House

So these are gonna go in reverse since that's the way Blogger likes to upload things. Here is our finished house! Slightly sloppy by my old definitions, but absolutely perfect with a 2 year-old helping!

You'll notice that Claire was a huge fan of this craft project. Her hands are in her mouth on several photos. She loved the icing.
I would actually put the icing on the house and then she would stick the candies on. And then I kept noticing she would just stick her finger in the icing so she could eat it.

Her eyes are closed in pure bliss:

What's not to love? Sugary treats right after breakfast while still wearing Sponge Bob jammies. I hate Sponge Bob btw. But for $3 clearance jammies at stop caring and just buy them. Stuff at the Goodwill or Resale stores costs more!

YUMMY! I put out all these different bowls for the candies. Next year...I won't be so organized. It's all just gonna get mixed up anyways!

She got the hang of this right away and had a blast sticking all the candies between sticking some in her mouth!

Ahh...standing in the chair. This is why I like to keep her strapped in the booster seat or high chair. Then she can't get out!

I first told her we were gonna put the candy on the house and she dumped a whole bowl right on to it. :)

It only took about 5 minutes to ice the house together. The roof was broken in the box, but nothing a little icing didn't fix!

Stay tuned for more fun Christmas crap, err...crafts...that we've been making!

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