Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Playing with Play-Doh

What is it with 2 year-olds and Play-Doh? It's great! It will keep her busy for at least a solid 15 minutes. And that's a long time in the Toddler world. Sometimes she will sit and play with it for up to an HOUR before she asks to get down. Daddy actually took these pictures, so I give him credit. He actually got her looking and smiling here!!!!
This is the set she got on Sunday, and she is already having a blast mixing the colors. That's the whole fun of it!

I like to let her play with it every day because 1) I know it's a good way to keep her busy without having to watch her really closely and 2) It's great for working on her strength in her little fingers and hands with all the ripping, pulling, and smashing!

Daddy made this snake and she decorated it. I was taking a glorious Sunday afternoon nap. Alone. :) No, I tried to get Claire down for 30 minutes, but she didn't want to sleep. So she got to go play while I got to sleep. I probably should've tried longer, but I kept dozing off and she kept waking me up...and I knew Daddy was home. So around 6pm Claire crawled into my lap to nurse. Josh and I were watching a movie about ... something ... it was that memorable...what was it...that big hippie fest in the NY area that drew so many people....WOODSTOCK....anyways, suddenly I realized she wasn't nursing, but she hadn't moved for some time. She totally had fallen asleep. Like OUT. So we enjoyed the movie while she slept on my lap for a bit. Love that she can still fall asleep nursing like that. Of course...she didn't fall asleep nursing in the bed earlier, so it's not always a given anymore. Just when she's super tired!

Doesn't she look so big sitting in one of the big chairs and not her booster or high chair?

It's about time she got some new Play-Doh. Her other ones were getting really dried out and crusty from her playing with them so much! I could MAKE some Play-Doh, but that requires, you know...effort. LOL! Actually, I'll probably make some with her this winter when it's cold and staying inside and still having fun requires some thoughtfulness to make things fun.
She loves to help me cook. Her new thing is wanting to help me put eggs on to boil for breakfast. She is learning the art of GENTLY putting them into the pot, and not dropping them. There is always one that gets a crack and leaks little egg bits all over the pot. Ahh, the joys of having a toddler help in the kitchen. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

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