Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cooking in Claire's Kitchen

Claire loves to play with her kitchen. I got this kitchen at a yard sale for a whole $5. What a deal! It even has batteries and talks! Barbie talks. Slightly creepy, yes, but Claire loves it!

Mostly she loves to open and shut all the doors. There are 3 doors on this thing. YAY!

I was trying to get her to smile for me, so I was playing peek-a-boo. This used to work. But now she'll do it back. Sometimes, she'll even do it when she sees the camera. LOL. I guess we need to play peek-a-boo more often then at picture time!

You can see her teeth in this one! Look mom! I brush them!

I love the look she has in this one too. It's her shy look!

Here she is opening the "microwave" for some popcorn. Popcorn? Wait, that's a choking hazard!

She likes to put stuff in and open and shut the doors. It's a great way to learn object permanence and keep her busy.

Here she is open and shutting the little oven door. It also has a sink and a stovetop with knobs that turn! There is also a little freezer/fridge on the side with the 3rd door.

Here she is putting one of her shoes into the microwave. YUM! Roasted shoes!

And now she's off to play with her soft bunny! Don't you love these tights. I <3'es them! :)

Did you vote yet? We did! We didn't even have to wait! We just walked right through! It was great!

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