Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Indian Summer!

Claire loves to hide things in the trunk of her car (converts to walker--look familiar?).
I love this shot as her hair sort of looks like it's sticking up!

This is one of my new favorite action shots. Today was gorgeous. You can't ask for better weather in November! YAY for Indian Summer weather!

Claire in our front yard. She likes to touch the leaves and shake the branches.

There she goes! She loves walking around and being outside. The dress and shoes are from the Lees from Claire's birthday.

Claire and Mommy getting ready to go to church this past Sunday.

Despite being a little over-exposed, I like this shot of Claire!

Claire gives real hugs now! She's been doing it to her stuffed animals for awhile, so it's about time that she does it for people! She will squeeze you and pat her little hands on your back.

Here we are getting her shoes on to get ready to go. This is a rare glimpse of me not having my hair pulled in a pony-tail. SHOCKING! I know...

OK! All ready to go now! Yay! I really probably encourage her to be on this table. Oops.

I sat her on the couch in an attempt to get a shot of her, but as you can see she was being goofy.

HI! Claire has gone back to waving a lot. I like this much better than the throwing stuff at people in stores, etc. to get attention.

Ok, how awesome is our camera to get this action shot of her foot in the air. Yay!

Look! There she goes. It's hard to get shots of her face, but really, who wants to see shots of her back of her head?

Let's go on a walk! ALK! ALK!

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