Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Purple Snow Suit

Claire received a purple snow suit (coat and snow pants) from Glama Lynn and Grandpa Jason. Yay!

The snow pants have a zipper on the legs for easy diaper changes in the snow. How practical!

There are also three snap settings for the overall part of the snow suit. It's by Columbia.

It has a hood and pockets! That's something I always look for in coats! Thanks Glama Lynn and Grandpa Jason! This is a great present! :) Now come visit us and see some snow during the winter for a change!

It's a little big on her, so it should fit this whole season and perhaps even next year. (It's a 2T.)

I'm trying to make sure we get more pictures with me in them, as most of them are with Josh...and of course lots of ones with Claire!

We've been very fortunate in being given many things for Claire. Thanks to all our generous families and friends. :) I hesitate to mention people sometimes, as I don't want to leave anyone out!

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