Saturday, November 8, 2008

Getting Ready for Bed

So I am taking pictures of our night-night routine so I can make a book on Shutterfly or someplace about what we do before bed. This was a suggestion in the No-Cry Sleep Solution. It will actually include real pictures of herself. I think she'll dig it as she gets a little older, especially.

Here she is in my desk chair. She has discovered spinning. She loves to spin in the chairs. Here is a rare shot of her bottom 2 teeth. She looks particularly tired in this shot. It's kind of funny, actually. I floss her teeth with these kiddy flossers and then let her play with it while I get her dressed.

"Hmm. I wonder just how to get this exactly between my teeth like Mommy does?"

Little girl in a big chair! Here she is enjoying the fruity floss flavor. Yummy! :)

The package says you should floss your kids' teeth until they are 10. I *really* hope she is able to do it sooner than that. That's a long time!

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