Thursday, November 12, 2009


A year ago today I got a random and kind of shocking phone call from my dad that my Grandma had died. I was like, "What?" It's still incredibly sad to me that I lost my remaining 3 Grandparents by the time Claire was 1 1/2. Who wants to go to a funeral before their 6 week post-partum check? Here's some video footage of my maternal Grandparents. She said to wear yellow at her funeral. So we did. So weird...last October she was just having a blast watching Claire walk around for the first time. Claire didn't walk until the end of September and so when we went to see her in October, it was the first time she was able to see her walk. It was kind of ironic, as both Vernon and LaVerne were depending more and more on their wheelchairs. At our last visit, LaVerne was just laughing and giggling in the way that she did, commenting how by this time next year, Claire would really start talking. And boy, was she right. CLAIRE.LIKES.TO.TALK.!!! I think the hardest part was that Vernon was expected to go first and was in poor health, whereas LaVerne was pretty much fine and died of a sudden heart attack or stroke. So I was just thinking about that today and how fast and fleeting time is.

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