Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our Vacation Rental

Well, I finally posted all of my San Francisco pictures on Facebook in 2 albums. Check them out and leave lots and lots of comments if you haven't already. It's easier for me to upload massive amounts of pictures at once on there. Blogger only lets you do 5 at a time... has anyone found an easier way? Anyways, we had a super time visiting Aaron. We were gone for 5 days, so it was almost a week, but it was long enough to feel like we got to get away, but not so super long that it wasn't fun anymore.

We once stayed in Vegas for 10 days. That is way to frigging long for Vegas. First time stays, I would advise a max of 5 days in that city. WAY TOO LOUD, NOISY, AND SMOKEY! Really, a 3 or 4 day weekend is plenty to just do Vegas. Really all the Casinos and Buffets are the same, with slightly different themes. All the shops are overpriced and who wants to sit through more than one or two shows in one weekend...

Anyways, we had a car take us to and from the airport with our luggage since Aaron has a compact. He also has a compact apartment, so we stayed at a vacation rental vs. a hotel. It was a really good place to stay. Check out photos of our place here I wrote the 2nd it for more details. On second thought, maybe I shouldn't advertise that place in case we want to go back. I don't want the dates to be all booked up!

We ate at some really good restaurants. We ate breakfast at our condo, and ate out the rest of the time. We had Thai, Asian Fusion, some Shrimp Place, Indian, some local pizza place, and an "Organic Kitchen" where I had the best Split Pea Soup ever...even better than I make it! We also went to a frozen yogurt place called Yogurt Park, which Claire loved. We probably won't be flying anywhere for awhile with the new baby on the way...and I plan on laying low for a least 3 months after he/she is born!

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