Friday, January 8, 2010

26 weeks!

I am 26 weeks pregnant today!!! YAY! And I haven't mentioned, but I am gonna be an Auntie for the first time in July!!! YAY! My sister Holly is preggers! I have added a ticker above with her EDD info, so check it out in my header.

I met with Dr. L today who is the guy who delivered Claire and despite the way things turned out with her birth, he is my "favorite" OB in the practice of four. The least of the evils. :)

I go EVERY TWO WEEKS NOW! AHHHHHH!!! That means the end is quickly coming near and at my next appointment, I do my glucose screen, which should be fine since it was fine with Claire. It's not a fasting test, although he said not to have a coke and donut for breakfast before I come. (YUCK!)

Apparently, at my last appointment, Dr. N noted something on my chart about me nursing as Dr. L asked about it...but guess what...he actually asked me how often and how long. See. Men are smarter than women. ;) Sometimes...but I just think he has more experience than the other OB who is new to the practice. I said she basically only nurses before nap and bed which is true like today. We laid down for about 20 minutes to "nap" but she didn't fall asleep so we got up...and then she was bathed and asleep by 7:30 tonight. Glorious!!!

I don't even care which OB is on-call...there are 4 so it's like a 25% chance of having the "one I want"...but really there is just one I don't want, who is Dr. S because he's more likely to drape and cut episiotomies. I'll have my doula on him though if that's who we end up with. Actually, I'd like to labor in the car until the baby is like, um, crowning. Hmm. I wonder if you actually deliver your baby in the car, do you still get charged for the labor/delivery fee, or can you just go home!?!

Funny side story...Claire was using the bath crayons tonight, and I had to do a double take. She had colored a big yellow patch on the bottom of the tub while I was reading a magazine. I glanced over and thought she had peed in there because it was super yellow. LOL! Luckily it was just the crayon though! Bath crayons rock. The only place I've found them is at Babies R Us; they are the ones by Crayola.

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