Friday, January 8, 2010

Not a coloring book!

I had to correct one of our books. I hate it when the book is teaching "letters" and they are not "correct" per the way hand-written letters are taught. So...I had to correct these. Plus, I added in the lower-case letters for comparison.

This is actually a really nice book and we can work on colors too. Glama Lynn and Grandpa Jason sent it for Christmas last year.

Each letter has its own little book-like picture that is a pop-up. I remember totally digging pop-up books as a kid, too.

Here's the book, just have your "red pen" ready if you're going to do more than just enjoy the pictures.

Oh...and the funny part...I was fixing the book to my liking at the table while Claire was otherwise occupied. Ha. A toddler being otherwise occupied is good for...oh, 45 seconds really, at the most. So Claire saw me "drawing" in the book and scolded me. She goes "MOMMY! That book NOT A COLORING BOOK! NO DRAW IN THAT!" I explained what I was doing, but I hope I didn't confuse her...

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aribaby said...

I read this the day you put it up, but was just doing letters with Ari today and reminded of it. This lower case letter toy thing is SO annoying. They take forever to learn their lowercases because of it and almost all books are written in lowercase! ARGH! She knows the lowercase letters now, I think, but it's hard to know for sure because most toys have them right next to the uppercase letters so she's used to seeing them as a pair. We play writing letters, but her attention span is short. So... yeah. I guess my point is I'm peeved about the books and toys too for almost always only being uppercase!