Friday, January 8, 2010

Big Girl Bed

Claire pretending to sleep in her new "big girl bed." We just stole a twin mattress from our guest room. Thanks, guest room. Sorry guests! :)
We just plopped it on the floor by our bed. And by "we" I mean...I watched Josh carry it all by himself. ;)

And she has slept on this bed for approximately....ready...0 minutes...she insists on still being in our bed...and I am far, far too lazy to care. :) She says her princess bed is too dark. She got the bedding stuff for Christmas from us. Kind of a rip-off gift since I would've probably ordered it anyways! :) After another week or so of it being in there, I'm going to try laying on it with her to see if she'll fall asleep in it. I hate the idea of transferring her because I'm afraid I'll wake her up and have to lay down with her again until she falls asleep.
Someone on Facebook recently asked "why" I still laid down with my almost 2.5 year old. But my first thought was "WHY NOT?!" I mean, I wouldn't expect her to spend her day "alone" in any way...eating, bathing, or playing unsupervised...and I definitely don't like the idea of her "sleeping" unsupervised. We live in a safe neighborhood and all, but it's just the whole idea of her being alone that bothers me...and I think rightly so at this age. I think nature meant it to be this way. Why are freshmen roomed together in college? Husbands and wives bedshare, but a tiny little person is expected in our culture to sleep alone for what is as much time of the 24 hour clock as they are awake?
Anyways, I'm not trying to get her transitioned anytime soon. I'm thinking...huge regression anyways...when baby boy is born. But now she has the "option" of sleeping in her own space if she wants to.

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Cate said...

It was at 3 when things really happened as far as Esther sleeping on her own (by her own initiative, which was new and cool). I love your setup -- I bet she'll be into it soon. Have you tried telling her that (well, stuff the bed with her dollies first) that her dollies will be so lonely without her that she has to sleep in there to keep them company?