Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cinderella BANGS! before.

Claire got another little hair cut over our Christmas stay at my parents house. See how the sides and area around the ears gets really long faster than the rest? So my mom did maybe five or six mini-snips around her ears and trimmed her some tiny bangs. I mentioned something to my mom about cutting Claire's hair and my mom said we should get her bangs out of her eyes. It's kind of hilarious because she had about 2 tiny strands that were like *maybe* on her eyebrows, but I love bangs on little girls and since her Cinderella doll has bangs, she wanted bangs bangs she shall have. So here is the before:
And we also trimmed (and by we I mean my mom trimmed while I held Claire) the back area just a tiny bit. You can't really even tell, but it evened it up just a little. I think it actually looks fuller since it doesn't get all thin towards the ends like baby hairs tend to do.
SO for the AFTER PICTURES you'll have to wait till tomorrow. My camera is downstairs and I don't feel like getting it tonight ;) Me.lazy=true.

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