Thursday, January 7, 2010

BANGS! After

Well here is an after shot of behind, but it looks pretty messy since she likes to put blanket over her head all the time to pretend she is a princess. And yes, she is wearing a purple fleece sweatshirt and a dress jumper that sort of clashes. I unfortunately didn't capture the snowflake pants which also completely clash, but hey...SHE CAN DRESS HERSELF!!! And she is very adamant about doing so. So on days when we DON'T leave the house...I don't care what she wears, although she is on a huge dress kick since princesses wear dresses.
AND! Here are her bangs. Nevermind the half-eaten orange hanging out of her mouth...this was the best shot I got since she doesn't like to hold still ;) Considering she was still pretty much bald last year at this point, I'm just happy she has any hair at all, but I'm not looking forward to combing it out. She hates it getting combed, and it being so fine doesn't help.

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