Thursday, January 7, 2010

Learning to Cut

I've been trying to teach Claire how to cut with scissors for about a month but it's taking some time. She just now can do the open/shut motion with them. I guess I should've started closer to 2 because according to this she should already be cutting through paper, not just snipping at it. I used to watch Jon and Kate before they got divorced. I remember on there that she was having issues teaching the kids to cut and had waited too long to intro scissors. Our neighbor Christopher just turned 2 in November and can cut up paper like a madman! I watched him yesterday and we did some crafts. He was cutting up a storm!!!

One thing that Claire has really gotten good at in the past month since I've really started doing crafts with her is squeezing the glue out of the bottle, which is another good fine-motor skill. She finally learned because I got some glitter-glue paint thingys that were each in their own tiny little bottle so she figured out the hang of squeezing and dragging out the glue from the tiny bottles and now can do the big one. I'm planning on trying to make some Valentines with her for family. :) Hopefully they don't just end up in the trash on the other end though...I mean...crafts and crap are awfully close.

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Kelly said...

Too funny... Nathan kept saying Alligator crap this morning b/c he wanted to make an alligator craft. :)
He doesnt know how to use scissors either yet, but we're working on it. He's really into them, so i think i need to let him use them more often.