Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas is Over :(

I love LOVE LOVE Christmas. So much. I'm sad when it's over every year. "It's a magical time of year. " But it's not over until Jan. 6th, you know! Just this past Sunday, I enjoyed going to church and still seeing our church fully decorated (unlike the stores!) and continuing to sing Christmas hymns or Christmas carols. I guess a lot of Christmas is sooo commercialized now that the stores want to pull everything the day after Christmas and definitely undecorate by about New Years. BUT CHRISTMAS ISN'T OVER YET! Well, at least not according to the real Christmas story which wasn't over until this past Wednesday, which was Epiphany or Three Kings know, the day that the Wise Men FINALLY GOT TO SEE JESUS! Read more about this holiday here. Enjoy some "artsy" photos of our mantel area of our Christmas decorations. I may post more if I get around to it...

Ornament favor from my brother's wedding. Red ornament with "KRISTIN AND DAVID" and their date on the ribbon...
German smoking man who can burn incense and "smoke" his pipe

Our mantel the way I decorated it this year:


SOOO...Only now that it's a few days PAST Epiphany will I think about starting to undecorate. Don't worry...I'll have it down before too long! Time for Valentines stuff!

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