Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I <3 these jammies!

Claire still prefers to be "nakey" as she calls it, but we have too many jammies for that!

She loves pushing any stuffed animals or dollies in her stroller!

She has to make sure it's just right. She likes to push this kitty cat around, but it flops over, so she has to lean over to fix it. Another note...she is now saying most animal words and not just their noises. She can say cat, dog, puppy, kitty, hippo, bird, birdie, monkey, as well as bear and turtle (which she has been saying).

She can now reach the remotes which we had been storing on the half-walls. Now she can reach them. The joys of tip-toes. She can also reach things about 1/3 of the way onto our bathroom counter. Luckily our kitchen counters are taller so she can only reach the very edges of those. However, she can open the drawers and pull fun things out like silverware and the kitchen towels. Oh joy.

I love this picture. Does anyone have a good caption for it?

She is in love with this little purse that my parents gave her for Easter. It had a bunny in it, but she prefers to stuff it with her various phones, calculators, and mini-board books. She gets very frustrated if she can't fit all the stuff she wants into it.

Here she is admiring her Barbie hat, which she loves. It's actually not Barbie, it's the Disney Princesses, but whatever. They're both over-marketed things girlies tend to like. I think she just likes that they have faces at her age.

She is also getting good at scooting along on her little tiny green car. She can move it better than the bigger car she has, which requires a little more "oomph." She can move them both backwards pretty quickly now!

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