Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tweeting on Twitter

Well, I decided to be a follower, yet again, and get my Twitter account set-up before someone else steals my username that I use for AIM. I'm strwberryjoy so you can start following my TWEETS! I avoided Facebook for the longest time because I figured...hey...I'm on MySpace and and Friendster... Well...I haven't logged into any of those for the LONGEST time. Facebook...I probably log-in at least once a day. I used to be really addicted to the applications called Fluff-Friends. I could handle having a pet on there. :) I have basically rejected 90% of CRAP-plication requests because they are like "forwards" to me...crap-wasting things that suck away time. I was also highly addicted to Scrabulous but then new version sucks, so I refuse to play it.

I have a new Header photo and a new background if you haven't viewed us online for awhile. I usually try to view people's pages online because they seem to be easier to read. Plus videos don't show up in Feed Readers. I think it's also annoying when the full-text of someone I'm following doesn't appear in the Feed Reader. But usually, this is just the more commercially-blogs anyway, and if my attention isn't caught in the title or first line or so...delete!

I also decided to update my profile picture and follow myself. I know that's funny, but Josh actually made a post recently, but I didn't know it right away because I don't subscribe to my ownself in my feed-reader. Now I'll know how my posts will show up and if he makes a post! Yay.

Claire demanded we go outside after breakfast, so we took a beautiful misty-morning walk. You have to do that once in awhile in order to appreciate the nice sunny days. I also pulled out all of her summer clothes. She has way too many. I don't know where I am going to put them. Her dressers are full. It's still a little cool to put all the cool weather clothes away...what to do?

Claire always has an obsession. For awhile it was wet wash cloths to chew on. Right now it's going outside with her "Barbie" or "Dirty Yellow" shoes on. She calls them "dirty yellow" because I called them that one day when they didn't match what she was wearing. She calls her pink crocs "Croc" but they don't stay on as they are a big size 7 and she's really still just a 6.5 or 6...but her size 5 tennis shoes still go figure. I love summer. So much less laundry.

The short sleeves are shorter...the shorts have no pant socks required. I basically avoid wearing socks if at all possible during the months of April-Nov. I hate shoes and socks. Although now that I've been walking more, I do wear my tennis shoes and socks. Sandals just don't cut it for a fast walk. I did that one day and got a blister ugh. We also tried to sneak in some walks last week between rain showers and got wet twice. Ugh. Oh well. Claire had a great time.

So anyway, I wondered if you like Facebook or MySpace better...I totally prefer Facebook.
Myspace is the AOL of social networking. It’s a technological mish mash pile of vomit that is neither intuitive nor functional. It’s chock full of ads site-wide. The users of MySpace are also the type of people that click ‘Yes’ on any dialog that comes up, and use SmileyCentral in their personal email.

Facebook is functional as well as customizable. There are no vomit inducing profile pages, nor blinky graphics that burn your retinas. The ads that are on the site are few, tasteful, and well placed. Usually text based. Check out this cool article that compares them:

I signed up for Facebook when you had to have an email address ending in .edu -- basically you had to be a college student to get in. Now, anyone can get in. Anyway, I decided to sign up for Twitter and see what the next big thing is all about. MySpace was good at first but now it's Cra-zap. Oh...and the music. Music on a website or sound that automatically turns on is terrible. Or as Claire would say "Terr-A-ble."

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