Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What we did this weekend

My mom came down to visit us this weekend as my Dad hitched a ride with a buddy out to VA Beach to see Holly with a friend of his who was driving out that way to visit family. So this worked out super well as we had a bowling bachelor/bachelorette party for our neighbors Jeff and Jessie. We had a great time bowling. I actually got 5 strikes during 2.5 games. We played for 10 bucks for 2 hours which is why we had half a game. So that's not bad to average a strike every 5 frames. My score both times was less than 90 so I still completely suck, but we had fun visiting and hanging out with some people from our Love Dare Bible study small group as well. They actually had surprisingly good pizza at the bowling alley as well.

My mom took Claire on a nice long walk over to play on the playground at the nearby elementary school. Then she weeded some of my flower beds and made herself a birthday cake. Talk about multi-tasking awesomeness. I felt bad for not making her a cake, but I had remembered to get her a card and gift ready. Claire was awesome the whole time and didn't fuss at all for Oma even though she was up late. Yay.

The next day I enjoyed going to church with my mom. Claire does not do well in the nursery there..still, so my mom took her out during the sermon. I was actually able to relax and listen to the sermon. But I was so tired from the night before being up late, that I started to doze off...eep.

Oh well. Then I enjoyed a short nap with Claire before going up to the Castleton Mall where Claire rode in the stroller cars. We have a perfectly good stroller, but she LOVES cars. She has 2 at home, but I guess she loves to try out new ones! Speaking of this...when we were at the Terre Haute mall to visit Deb last week, I let Claire sit in the stroller cars there while I made a quick phone call and some crabby lady from customer service came over to tell me she wasn't allowed to sit in them if we weren't renting. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I said that I didn't see a sign that said that but we were just about to leave anyway. Seriously...not like we were there for 30 minutes or she was climbing on the tops of them...ugh. TICKED ME OFF. I'm still bent out of shape about it more than a week later. :)

Then Josh and I took my mom out to the Loon Lake Lodge, which is a super yummy place to go and eat. Check it out: http://www.loonlakelodge.com/ A good way to cut down on your eating out is to have a mobile toddler. LOL. I'll post pictures in a separate blog posting.

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