Saturday, May 9, 2009

Orange Lover in Apple Overalls!

Claire is a huge fan of bananas and oranges! Her other current favorites are Cheerios and YoBaby strawberry or raspberry yogurt. Yum. Food.

If I cut them small enough she can eat them pretty well. If there is too much white skin stuff, she just gnaws on them, and spits them out.

This is the basket she used in Holly's wedding. I actually don't let her play with it, except when she's sitting on the counter eating food...oh wait..that's a bad example...I actually decided to hide it so it stays nice.

Aww. Such a cutie! :)

This is why I have to cook only on the back 2 burners and put chairs in front of the oven. She likes to climb on the drawer handle and stand up to see what's on the stove. EEP!

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