Saturday, May 9, 2009

Other new Developments

Claire is getting her other top incisor. She loves Popsicles. They are cold and yummy!
She has also been gnawing on her hands a lot again, like when she was younger. Totally the teeth!

She has been able to shut doors if she was in the room since about 8 months...just rolled over and pushed them...but now she can pull the door shut from the room she's in. This is both good and bad. It means she's one step closer to being able to open doors, which is also good and bad. Luckily, our door knobs are pretty high so she can barely reach them.

She's also started to pout if we tell her no or tell her to say sorry about something.
And she's also starting to say words I didn't know she knew how to say. So I'm wondering if she learned them from books or if they were just in her vocab of words she knew, but now has realized how to produce them. Some include "woot, table, monkey, donkey, bush, brush, sky, airp(l)ane, Ernie, Abby, Cookie Elmo (for cookie monster), hug, what, hurt, and jabbies for jammies."

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Darius and Kelly Miknaitis said...

WOW! Claire really talks so much! That is so neat!

Nathan has been opening our doors for a while which means he no longer shuts himself in his room and then screams about it, but it also means he can visit me in the bathroom when I'm trying to shower!