Sunday, May 3, 2009

Partying with Pierce!

Claire had a great time playing on Pierce's new playset that he just got!

Claire is in love with shoes, as she is with other accessories. She will demand these which she calls "yellow" or her pink croc sandals which she calls "Barbie!"

It was a little tricky, but Claire figured out how to press the pedal to make the car go. Claire is also in love with cars. I would love to snag a Power Wheel for her at a garage sale for a good deal. She would love it!

This is Pierce opening his Elmo books from Claire. As you can see, Claire is paying close attention! :)

Claire helped Pierce open a few things. This was good practice for her bday coming up in July. She also enjoyed helping him play with some of his new toys. She also ate an entire scoop of mint-chocolate chip ice cream, which was the first time she'd had that flavor. She loved it! YUMMY!

Claire and I had a good time at Pierce's party! :)

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