Friday, September 12, 2008

Claire's New Words

I've been so busy posting about what things we've been doing, I haven't updated you on what Claire's been doing. She can now make the sign for bird, which is her 4th sign. It looks a lot like the sign for milk, actually, but uses only 2 fingers and the thumb. I think I'm going to try to intro more animal signs as she loves animals! She can also say "duck." She loves to say "quack" as well, like when I sing the little ducks song. Her version sounds more like "guack"--that Q is hard to say! Also, she can say "turtle" for her turtle nightlight. Holly, she did it just for you! (Holly collects all things turtle.) She can also say "nummies." That is what we call nursing. It is great that she is "old enough to ask for it," although she of course asked for it by crying as a newborn. For real food she says "num" if she likes something. "No" very adamantly and more often than not if she doesn't like it. She also likes to say "Go." We've been working on "Oma" but it keeps coming out just "Mama" most of the time.
Her current favorite food is cottage cheese, shredded cheese, and kidney beans. She also likes peanut butter a lot. Other than these items, she really likes tomato stuff, like sketti, lasagna, and chili. We still haven't introduced cow's milk. I don't plan on it until she's 18-24 months as there is no need since she is still getting Magical Mama's Milky. Also, my hope is to avert any milk allergies since I was allergic to milk growing up. We didn't introduce any dairy at all until 12 months. For about 2 weeks, she would let me feed her up to about 2 oz. of the YoBaby yogurt, but now she won't let me feed her anything unless it's something naughty, like a bit of ice cream. At least she is starting to like more and more things, although she is still not a huge fan of solids, she isn't completely rejecting them anymore.
At the moment, Claire is sitting on my lap, playing with my Blackberry. She finds it great fun, as she loves pressing buttons. (It's locked.) She has also figured out how to turn on some of her electronic toys. YIKES. When the batteries die, we may just have to wait a long time to replace them.

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