Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Indy Zoo

Claire got tired at the zoo. She actually pulled the hat down over her eyes. It was so cute.

She was worn out from the heat and all of the excitement!

The zoo has lots of pretty plants and flowers. The butterfly garden next door is gone for the year.

Holly, this one is for you. We shall call him TURTLESPINNING. I know, it's a tortoise. But whatever! Close enough.

This is one of the zoo babies. We got a pretty good look at this little critter.

Kami and Claire in front of the sharks. I like to use this "pumpkin" seat because then we get to see her face vs. the back of her head on longer trips.

There is a display where you can pet the sharks. They are dog sharks. They feel slippery.

We also went to see the "free" dolphin show. It was really short...maybe 15 minutes, but it was just alright. I guess after Sea World, a Midwest zoo is going to be a little bit of a let down. I do have to admit the show was much better than the one about 5 years ago we saw here.

Seahorses are pretty boring. They don't do too much. They sort of look dead.

And now for a couple zoo videos:

I went to the Indy Zoo with Kami and Claire last Saturday, Sept. 6. It was Claire's first visit to any zoo! She got a kick out of watching all the people and animals.

If you look closely at the above , you can see two baby elephants playing on the ground. There were way too many people at the zoo, though!

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