Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Grandpa Brian & Grandma Vicki Visit

For Labor Day weekend, we were very busy! Josh's dad, Brian, came to visit with his fiancee, Vicki. We enjoyed hanging out and visiting.

This is a cute picture of Claire with her Grandpa Brian! This is downtown Indy.

Yay! Vicki was able to capture this on camera. This is a hilarious thing Claire does with straws. She puts it in her mouth and clamps down. It's really funny.

We have no cute little diaper pictures since Jan. when I took some "diaper baby" pictures. I am pretty happy to have gotten one of her freestanding. Of course, by the time I made it to her front, she sat down. She is standing quite frequently, and despite some recent rumors, she is not walking. She usually takes 1-2 steps/day for the past week, with the recent record being three, as of yesterday, but no real walking alone. She walks with the walker, as I have recently posted.

I made this for Brian's late August birthday and Claire's 1-1-1-1 birthday. Not the greatest, but it tasted yummy!

Claire enjoyed getting many birthday presents from Brian and Vicki, including this table and doggie, which plays music and talks. She loves it!

Rock Band! Vicki is singing. Brian is playing the guitar and Josh is drumming.

Here is Claire with Brian and Josh. I love this ginormous plastic bibs with pockets. They make clean-up super-easy! They stayed until last Monday morning (Sept. 1), but I had to head to NW Indiana on Sun. (with Claire, of course) for a friends wedding. Either we have nothing going on or multiple things!

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