Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Week at Oma and Opa's

Claire had a ton of fun visiting in Valpo with Oma and Opa. She loved their 2 cats and dog. Here she is trying to get closer to Explorer, who we always call Baby Kitty. She didn't get to pet any of them...they all ran away when she came towards them. Look at all the choking hazards in this shot...yikes.

Here is Claire with her Oma and Opa.

Aww...I love this goofy little face she makes when she's being shy.

Here is me on the back deck with Claire. I love the woods they live near, but not the mass amounts of mosquitoes, which bite you on a 2 second trip to get in the car in the driveway. Yikes.

We are going back inside now! I love this little outfit she has on!

We had a fun-filled week and did a lot of stuff. I had hardly any time to get on my lappy (Mom, that means Laptop)!

In the above video, my brother Richie is playing the piano. He has some awesome piano and keyboard talent and plays stuff without music. How awesome is he!

Claire had a lot of fun playing with Richie! She is getting to play with toys that I played with when I was little as well as a few random objects around the house.

So in addition to all these fun things, we went out to eat a few places. Claire went to my mom's office and all the ladies got to oogle over her. We stopped in at the bank to see some of my dad's friends. Claire also got to visit with her Great Auntie Lee.

On Wednesday morning, we went to the park. I met with my friend from High School, Shannon and her little boy. Claire didn't enjoy swinging so much as she did watching the other kids. I forgot to bring my camera to the park, but I think I get enough pictures elsewhere. ;)

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