Thursday, September 11, 2008

Teething Time

These were all NEW. I promise. They don't look new anymore, though! Claire likes books.

Again, all new baby books. I have had to double shelf them up high with my novels as she keeps eating the corners. Yikes.

She likes to look at the pictures, but she also likes to chew them.

Well Claire is definitely teething. She is chewing on EVERYTHING. And I don't mean just slobbering on it like a baby. She is gnawing on things. Look at these books. I like to let her play with her books, but man, she is destroying them. So I've had to start keeping most of them up. She likes to chew on ones with certain textures and sizes. She doesn't rip the pages in the paper books anymore...knock on wood, but is still pretty rough with them! Yay for board books!

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