Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Want some plants?

Ok, so I don't exactly have a green thumb, as you can see below. Thanks for getting this for me, Holly, but I don't know what happened. I saw mom's bean sprout plant and determined it PROBABLY shouldn't look like this. Blech:
Does anyone else think this looks nastier than nasty or what? I don't know how it grew mold. I think it actually got overly dry at some points, hence the wilting. I threw away the whole thing as I think the terre cotta looks funky/moldy as well. Kami, aren't you proud of me for throwing it away!?!

Claire is casting a spell on her CareBear here. I'm not sure what for, maybe to let her grow hair?

I have notice Claire using her tongue a lot more. It's pretty funny. I think she is feeling out her new teeth, which are coming in now.

Oh, SO I titled this, WANT SOME PLANTS? I'm sure you don't want the plant pictured above, but I have a bunch growing outside, that need thinned out. I have a ton of MINT, LAVENDER, CHIVES, TIGER LILLIES, and HOSTAS that you're welcome to come over and dig out. Bring a container/dirt and I'll provide you some little shovels. It's amazing that in just the 3 years we've been here, everything has taken off and grown so much!

Ok, I think we're all caught up on posting, after I suffered from severe technology withdrawl lately.

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