Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Kami came to visit and made us some awesome Buttermilk Pancakes. YUM!

MAN! I have done a lot of mall crawling and cooking/baking lately. I went to the Lighthouse Place mall in MI city with my mom, Rich, and Claire. My mom, Claire, and I also went to Southlake Mall.

Then my cousin Kami came to visit us. (I barely beat her back here ;) after being in Valpo !!! ) So on Friday we went up to the Castleton Mall, where I introduced to her to the wonderful world, that is TALL GIRL. http://www.tallgirlshop.com/us/
I love TALL GIRL. I sing TALL GIRL praises. I discovered it in high school at the Mall of America in Minnesota. I need their 36-inch inseam pants. Sounds unnatural right? About all of my jammies, robes, and slippers, AND skirts, long sweaters, and pants, have come from either the Indy or 2 Chicago stores. If you look at the racks in the front, you'll be shocked at something like $80 for a top or $99 for pants. BUT let me tell you a secret: They have a clearance room in the back. When you get sales on sales on sales, you can make out really good. I rarely like to pay more than $10 - $20 for an item of clothing for me and never buy anything full price.

AND I REALLY DON'T LIKE SHOPPING. Mostly because it's not fun to try on deparment store pants and find them to be "flood pants." See, JC Penneys carries talls, but I am not tall. I am a giant. (Actually an "Ultra" Tall...) So I was happy to find some new pants!

Then we had fun cooking up some dinner! (Or I had fun because I wasn't cooking...)

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